Dealing with whatever this is.

On the topic of my sexuality, if you’ve read my previous posts, you might think that I’m posting this in response to the fact that I’ve gone through some trauma in the past. I’m just “swearing off” guys because I can’t deal with them. I think it’s deeper than that. I could be classified as […]

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So I get it, I should wait until I’m gone from this place to start talking about it because of all the politics and the bullshit but fuck, something just happened and I feel like I need to get this nastiness out of my head before it takes root. I was waiting for my taxi […]

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My Monotonous Life

So I’ve been trying to keep my shit together. Like the rest of us, you know, get up…go to work. Sell my soul for money, somehow try and stay awake in the face of crushing boredom. You know, fun stuff like that. Lately I’ve been in a weird funk. I don’t really know what it […]

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A Musing

Things change. Things always change. That’s what characterizes life and especially human life. We don’t like to be bored because we are used to that constant stream of consciousness. Thoughts come and go out of our brains and most of us don’t question where they come from or where they go. It’s always a struggle […]

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Water and Booze

Lately there’s been this hashtag going around the #meto and I’m sure you’ve seen something on it. If you haven’t, you can look it up and research it for yourself. What I want to highlight is that my first reaction was to hop on the bandwagon and post one of my own stories of sexual […]

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Black Sea

Sometimes I wake up really early in the morning when it’s still dark, out of a dead sleep with my heart racing and a cold sweat. I look at the clock and utter panic just paralyzes me for a second. I think, I should be at work. I’m in so much shit right now and […]

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Family Strangeness

I forgot that this blog was about my expression. I could have absolutely zero limitations on what I put on this thing. I could plummet the depths of my depression, explore my violent side. Destroy my inner monologue and generally just let it all hang out. I’ve been whoring myself out to the internet recently. […]

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