A word vomit deconstruction

There’s something that’s been boiling in my brain for a while now and I wish to get it out there. This is meant to be anonymous, maybe in time once my words become distilled and my thoughts percolating to something resembling a coherent, articulated message, I’ll think about making this into something more. Now it’s just a place to put my pain, my story. My honest, unedited truth. A place where I can feel comfortable expressing things that roll around and knock things over in my brain. A way to assess myself and to maybe help others going through the same thing I am because the worst thing is thinking you’re the only one. I was alone for a full year before I gathered the courage to stand up and talk about what happened to me.

What I found out is that nobody wanted to listen to me. Nobody believed me, nobody cared. It’s what I expected and I wasn’t disappointed in that.

Hopefully this will be more than just my past experiences, this will be a journey. One of self discovery, of self realization and maybe some forgiveness. It’s what I need, the hardest thing is not to blame yourself. The hardest thing is to forgive.

Image source: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Underwater-576871236


One thought on “A word vomit deconstruction

  1. If there were an emoticon for support, to show empathy and not pity, I would flood this comment section with that emoticon. Even though that would not be enough, a mere electronic gesture, but it’s all I would have to give and I would give it in droves.

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