Wunder, wander, wake up

Dreams are strange, I had one that was borderline lucid this morning. I woke up at exactly 2 in the morning when my…significant other? Roommate…existing partner, whatever you want to label him without making him into anything committed to me. Came home from getting off of work early, we have opposite schedules but the same days off. When I’m on day shift, he’s on nights, so on…getting back to the important part.

So I’ve read that lucid dreaming and inducing an out of body experience is a lot easier if one goes to sleep and wakes up multiple times in the early morning. I had one of those hypnogogic hallucinations going to sleep last night so I knew already it was going to be a wild night. I dreamed that a Viking warrior was stalking into my room right before falling unconscious. I was trying to induce a past life regression and the only thing I got was a prairie field of tall yellow grass which indicated I was thinking about my Viking life already so it really didn’t bother me witnessing a Viking entering my room. I proceeded to have my usual round of nightmares that I don’t really remember. I know I had them because I woke up sweating and upset.

So 2a.m. rolls around, he comes home and I come to full consciousness, waiting for him to climb into bed next to me. I think, finally the nightmares can go away. They do but I’m still waking up every hour or so. Finally it’s 3:45 and I can’t take it. I adjust my alarm from 4 to 4:15. I want some extras sleep dammit! And that’s when it starts. I’m arguing with someone about my alarm. It’s changing on me even though I know I deliberately set it to 4:15. I’m freaking out because I don’t want to be late for work but every time I look at it, it’s different. Ranging from 3 to 7 to 5 and I’m trying to explain that I shouldn’t get up to check it because I know I set it for 4:15. Finally it goes off and I sit up in my bed. I realize that the changing time means that I was dreaming and I was aware that I was dreaming because I kept checking the time and it kept changing. That’s one of the signs for lucid dreaming, for becoming aware. That’s why you do time checks during the day and hand checks. If your hands are changing every time you look at them or if a face changes every time you look at them then that means you’re dreaming.

Strange…what happens if you’re doing those time checks and hand checks when you think you’re at work but they indicate you’re dreaming because they’re changing…does that mean you’re dreaming that you’re at work or is it that you’re at work and dreaming?


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