Reality in a moment

I have this theory about reality. It’s not original by any means but it’s something that I’ve been chewing on for a very long time. Something that I came to a conclusion about with out anyone telling me or reading it in a book but I realize that once I started thinking about it, I started seeing it every where. I just thought reaaaaallly…really deeply about this subject and finally came to this conclusion.

I believe that time is an illusion. That there isn’t really such a thing as a past or a future. That reality is really the expression of infinity. Think about time travel, time itself is a flawed concept. We are beings in constant motion, your heart stops and you die. If you stop constantly looking at a watch or wondering what time it is, that doesn’t mean that forward motion stops. Our whole concept of time is essentially based on something we can measure but our reality is based upon our awareness. We are not aware of each moment passing. I think that watches and looking at a clock is a crutch. It’s something that we as humans invented in order to give ourselves a place in the world. We are in the year 2016, we just decided to adapt the Julian calendar and it’s the same with time, it’s all loosely based upon the sun rising and setting and the calendar system is based very loosely on the seasons in the mid latitudes.

Time really is a human invention.

Now here’s another thought experiment and this one is pretty hard to articulate. I tried to start with it but got off on a tangent about what our concept of time is based upon.

I think about the movement of time, about my day at work or my days off. My days off tend to go a lot faster in my perception because I’m staying active with things I like to do and are interested in. I start painting and three hours go by with barely a blink of an eye but if I’m at work, surrounded by clocks and bored, every second drags by. So our perception dictates how fast we perceive time moving but it’s an illusion. Measured time doesn’t change, a moment stays a moment, a second stays a second, all adding up, constant like my heart beat.

I believe that one can close their eyes and have an out of body experience. When one is out of one’s body, time is very different. Things can happen in this “reality” that can last forever but in the physical world only lasts a second. Time moves differently in other words. How can that be? How can the other world, the (for lack of a better word) spirit world have a different movement of measured time? How is this possible? Now this ties into the fact that everything is an illusion and this is all just a dream so just like any dream, anything is possible. Whatever you think up can and does become a reality. If you think you’re going to be successful at something then you are going to be successful. If you think you’re going to fail at something then it doesn’t matter how much you try, you’re going to fail. It’s a mind game.

So that’s why one can travel backwards and forwards. You can’t do it physically, our physical world has physical laws that can not be broken. There are rules to every game but take away our physical world and there’s a whole new set of rules. I can travel back to the times of the pyramids even if I don’t have a past life there because I don’t have a physical body weighing me down.

Now back to the real rabbit hole, if all of that is possible, doesn’t it make sense that there isn’t a past or a future? That we are physically in this very moment and all the things we’ve experienced in the past is just a very vivid dream. It explains how memories themselves work (in a very strange way, I know) How memories can be altered, how hypnosis works, how we can change everything in our current reality in a second just by changing the way we think. And so I will leave you with my favorite quote:

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.”

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