A Book I Love

Ruins of Ambrai by Melanie Rawn. You can look it up on Amazon if you want a detailed synopsis of this lovely book. This is a post about why I love this book. I will tell you the basic story line, it follows three sisters and is set in a fantasy world where women rule, it’s a matriarchy. Everything is turned on it’s head and the nuances of this book has always been fascinating to me. I was a voracious reader growing up and especially looked for large, doorstop books in this genre. This book opened my eyes more so than any other book. I read the classics, I grew up with a steady diet of Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance. I was such a nerd that I didn’t have friends growing up, I had books. I’ve never played DnD, never got into any sort of social nerdy activities. I read Gundam Wing hentai/Harry Potter fanfiction until my eyes bled and then I would bring home a back pack full of books from the library.

So yeah, this is pretty short and sweet about my favorite book in this whole entire world. Lately I’ve been getting back into Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Nick Chronicles and trying to get through all of the Wizard of Oz series. Someday I’ll figure out how to publish my own work but first I need to organize and edit all of it. Now that just gave me nightmare shivers.


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