Bullet my whole day

I have a bullet journal. I started my first one about 7 or 8 months ago? The first one is always a mess because you’re always figuring out new ways of planning out your day and what does and does not work for you. I just started with a cheap five dollar sketch book thing that I got at some craft store. It was just blank pages and I thought, this is perfect for something that I’ve never done before. If you’ve ever looked into actual bullet journals like the Leuchtturms or Filofax or any number of other journal making companies, they can get super expensive, super fast. I wanted something to just mess up. And that is exactly what I did. I think I packed up that first bullet journal and hopefully will never see it again. My second one, I shopped around on Amazon and found this awesome graph journal for like 10 bucks. I bought the first one to try out, fell in love with it and bought three more. I didn’t know if the price was going to go up or if they were going to disappear so I just splurged.

Well now they offer the dot grid so I’m probably going to buy those to. I bought a Rhodia journal at an art store which is dot grid. After my current journal, I’m going to try that one out. So just to come back around, I’m on my third bullet journal. I’m over halfway with it and I love it. I’ve finally figured out a good system that works with me and I add in monthly challenges like this one each month. Plus financial spreads, trip planning, all sorts of things.

It keeps me on track creatively. It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever discovered on the internet.

I follow Boho Berry religiously btw. She is amazing and I love every single one of her videos on youtube. She’s just so positive and I need that. I’m actually a pretty cynical, bitter person so it’s nice to have that ray of sunshine every once in a while.

I know that this blog post is supposed to be about my day but I’d rather talk about how I stumbled across this challenge to begin with. Bullet journaling has helped my depression and my anxiety immensely. I have a monthly tracker that I can look back on. It literally shows me that I have had good days in the past month because I’ve tracked my daily mood, activity, diet and hours of sleep. I can correlate some of my bad moods with missing my birth control or being on my period or even that I only got 2-3 or even zero hours of sleep the night before. I’m not focusing on just the horrible messed up things about my life, I can focus on the trips I’m planning on taking.

I also don’t have to worry about when I work next or when is my next therapy session. I don’t have to keep wondering if I’m missing something or if I’m fucking something up. It’s all there in nice, neat straight lines.

Image: I actually love drawing mandalas and sacred geometry. So that’s original. By me. Please don’t steal.


2 thoughts on “Bullet my whole day

  1. I love bullet journals! I just had the courage to start one recently (about two weeks ago?). It’s been a painful start because I’m usually so meticulous and am worried about messing up and making mistakes. But your statement about your first journal struck a chord in me and how you just wanted to make a mess in it and be creative.


    1. Yeah, it was satisfying to be creative and messy but I realized that it also really got to my organizing streak. So I started a creative journal and left my bullet journal for organizing and writing down different ideas. I usually add in decorative doodles around the edges to make it pretty but that’s it. I worry about making mistakes as well but usually you can tape the pages together or cover up the mistake in some way.

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