5 Pet Peeves

5. I am a very, very stubborn person. So I hate when people do things that erode my neurotic compulsion. Things like moving my stuff without asking or doing things that I normally do as kind of a routine. Like marking off X’s on a calendar that I’ve obviously liked to have control of. I know, weird right? I guess it’s partly territorial and partly just wanting a bit of normalcy in my every day life.

4. Personal bubble invasion. I have a huge personal bubble. I hate when people sit down next to me at airports or public places even when it’s crowded. I guess I just hate crowds and love having my own personal space.

3. Teasing me about my own fears. Like I have legitimate fears. Fear of heights, fear of black widows, fear of getting abducted. I mean, I’m a pretty paranoid person and I hate when people tease me about me crossing the street when somebody else is walking on my side of the street or only getting half way up a climbing wall. I mean, come on, at least acknowledge the fact that I’m trying to get over my fears.

2. PDA or public displays of affection. It makes me super uncomfortable and yeah, pretty self explanatory.

Number 1. Stupidity. This is the absolute worse for me. Over the years of military experience and having to deal with the absolute negligence or inability to do anything with these people is what is my worst frustration. I can not stand the fact that smart people have to account and essentially cover up the inadequacies and short comings of those that continue to skate on government time. I’d say cut the fat but hey, I just work here.


So yeah, another post down. You know, this nearly every day writing has been super cathartic and has helped sharpen my skills for my upcoming writing class. Happy day.


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