A Novel Idea

I try to participate in Nanowrimo every year. Last year I really gave it my full attention, I had a really good idea and was well on my way. I had an engaging story with characters that I was fully in love with and I tried my hardest to actually win that year. I was determined to have a good novel that I could finally finish.

Needless to say life got in the way again.

I had classes going on, I had an upcoming transfer that had fallen into my lap and it just didn’t pan out. I tried keeping up the momentum with planning out a Noir vampire detective comic once I had completed my transfer but it just didn’t interest me as much as the steampunk sci fi novel that I had mostly finished for Nanowrimo last year.

Well, I think I’ve figured out what I’ve been missing. I have this long standing story of mine that is another sci fi/fantasy story arc centered around First Commander Kythrah Hazen who is my hero. She is everything that I have ever wished to be. As a novelist I’ve always written her as a mirror to my own personality. She is confident and strong where I am weak and lacking. I think most story tellers have this one character that mirrors them completely and that’s Kythrah for me.

Well, after writing multiple novels involving Kythrah, I realized that this monster of a story would need serious work in order to be published so I couldn’t use one of those stories for Nanowrimo. They were too complicated and when ever I wrote a new novel for that story arc, I had to go back and make sure it fit with the rest of the material.

That’s why I usually try to make something new for Nanowrimo. I think it’s time to put into the works my own story. I love history, I love everything about it. I obsess over history lectures and documentaries so I’m thinking a good historical novel might be in order for this coming November.

Yes, a good World War 2 POW story is in order. I’m itching to write it, the problem is…where to start? I have a good direction and definitely a few historically accurate characters I want to incorporate but how to make these characters come alive? Well, at least I have time for the research. Hopefully I’ll be able to fit that in with my research class I’m doing for my degree. Here’s to finishing my Aries art piece, my cross stitch, my upper level writing course and research for my Nanowrimo novel. Wish me luck.


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