Thought bubbles of Intellectualism

The further along I travel towards completing my English degree, the further I fall down the rabbit hole of perceived intellectualism. I have persevered through a harrowing career in the military and have climbed hand over fist out of a deep hole of financial instability. In other words, I have finally found a modicum of maturity and self confidence.

The more I think about humanity along with my own, the more I wonder about the universe. The more I wonder about the games we play with ourselves everyday. We try to win the rat race but we all know that’s impossible. Degrees and careers are just constructs of a society hell bent on distracting us from the real issues of life.

Like the adaptability and survival instincts of a single human. We have somehow created mountains and stand on top of them thinking we’ve wrested some kind of control from the chaos of life. There’s no arguing that we as a species have come a long way but where are we going?



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