I am in an online history course right now and it has been eye opening but not for the reasons you might think. I know a lot about history, it’s one of my favorite subjects and I enjoy learning about all the complicated events that make up humanity and how we got to the place we are currently at.

What is eye opening about this course is the amount of people who don’t listen to each other. It’s set up in a way that you give your responses in a discussion format and then respond to others and their answers. What I find is that you just get into a heated argument with another person about the minute of details. I try not to get into any arguments and for that, my grade is suffering because I’m not giving full responses back to my peers.

For example, I was challenging this one other student on her perception of three different philosophers during the high middle ages. She made the argument that Dante has a strict view of the afterlife due to the fact that he has set up different circles of hell (which he stole from the Greeks in the first place) but my argument is that he didn’t have as strict of a view because he goes from hell, purgatory and heaven in three books. He transcends the three realms and he is just a mortal man which makes it seem like any of us could do that same thing if we meditated on it enough.

Oh well…those are just my thoughts. Here’s my latest Inktober post:



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