Fluffy Bunny

I’ve been trying for a little while now to figure out how to continue my 30 day blog challenge effectively and holistically. The next on the list is 5 Guys I’m Attracted To. Which I have to admit is a very fluffy subject that will gain me plenty of readers and allow me to express […]

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Reality in a moment

I have this theory about reality. It’s not original by any means but it’s something that I’ve been chewing on for a very long time. Something that I came to a conclusion about with out anyone telling me or reading it in a book but I realize that once I started thinking about it, I […]

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This isn’t me…Right?

So I joined the Navy in 2009. I didn’t know what I was really getting myself into. My best friend had joined up a few years before me and had been stationed in Hawaii, he’s a lucky bastard. He’s been there since he joined, never been stationed any where else. I thought well, even if […]

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