Anime Station

I’m pretty focused on Inktober right now, maybe it’s because I’m doing this challenge with my significant other. It’s satisfying to share something with him and be able to connect with him. My darker side is rearing it’s ugly head deep down as I even think about those words. I want to be alone. I […]

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Fluffy Bunny

I’ve been trying for a little while now to figure out how to continue my 30 day blog challenge effectively and holistically. The next on the list is 5 Guys I’m Attracted To. Which I have to admit is a very fluffy subject that will gain me plenty of readers and allow me to express […]

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Reality in a moment

I have this theory about reality. It’s not original by any means but it’s something that I’ve been chewing on for a very long time. Something that I came to a conclusion about with out anyone telling me or reading it in a book but I realize that once I started thinking about it, I […]

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This isn’t me…Right?

So I joined the Navy in 2009. I didn’t know what I was really getting myself into. My best friend had joined up a few years before me and had been stationed in Hawaii, he’s a lucky bastard. He’s been there since he joined, never been stationed any where else. I thought well, even if […]

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