Family Strangeness

I forgot that this blog was about my expression. I could have absolutely zero limitations on what I put on this thing. I could plummet the depths of my depression, explore my violent side. Destroy my inner monologue and generally just let it all hang out. I’ve been whoring myself out to the internet recently. […]

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Mecha Design

During the opening motivational push of my most busiest and exciting time of the year for me, I actually feel some what hopeful. Hopeful that I might finish a real challenge. I finished Incowrimo back in February and it was probably the highlight of my last eight months out here in the sand box. Since […]

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My Body

Growing up, I was a pretty average middle American girl. Nothing special or unique. I had a pretty abusive mother and a distant father. So very normal for the States. I went to a few public schools, my parents moved around a little. I had lost my virginity when I was 17 and still talk […]

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